Points, Lines, Plane

Project description:

Points, Lines, Plane is an interactive work for clarinet and audio visual system, Points, Lines, Plane composed by Carlos Lopez Charles as part of a research residency I undertook at Paris 8 University from 2011 - 2013.

Carlos had already composed two pieces for me, and with this work we decided to explore the most democratic form of collaboration we could imagine. This required throwing out many ‘standard’ approaches to the commissioning process. The first things we decided to do was to get rid of the score. We developed the melodic materials and discussed system capabilities in tandem, which required me, as an instrumentalist, to begin to understand how a completely different type of music-making system could function – as well as how I could function in relation to it. As the work evolved, our collaborative process also shifted through conversations, refinement and rehearsal over many months. In comparing this work to previous projects with Carlos, I have been reminded of the value of ongoing collaborations and creative relationships. The collaborative learning from that experience has been really important to me. Points, Lines, Plane premiered in Paris, May 2013, and its Australian premiere took place in Melbourne in November 2016.

Project name:

Points, Lines, Plane

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