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The Peggy Glanville Hicks Address

I am honoured to be presenting this year's Peggy Glanville-Hicks address. Presented each year by the New Music Network, the address is designed to raise awareness of the importance of new music. After a rather turbulent couple of years for Australian independent artists, this year I didn't want to just talk about the work - we also really need to talk about us as artists and how we can create a greater sense of connectedness in and through our work.

This year, I will present the address in Perth for the first time, followed by events in Sydney and Melbourne. I am delighted that I will also perform at these events, and will be sharing the stage in Perth with Cissi Tsang and Decibel, with Matthew Aberline and the music of Monty Adkins in Sydney and with Carlos Lopez Charles in Melbourne. The events are free - register here. Full details of each event are also included here.


In other news, I was recently awarded my PhD - so I'm now officially Dr Canham! I received that news just as I boarded the plane to attend my first ISME Conference in Glasgow in July this year, which was a wonderful experience. I'm grateful to ISME for a World Conference Award which enabled me to attend.

For recent publications and conference papers, including articles on collaboration, please have a look under the writer tab.


The Tarogato project

The recording process is underway with two pieces, Hourglass by Rodrigo Sigal and Equanimity by Robert Mackay, recorded in the last few months. Next on the list - an new movement or two for Secret Things composed for me by Tim Hansen. The collection of works for tarogato has slowly expanded to include pieces by fantastic French saxophonist and composer, Philippe Geiss, and a beautiful new solo piece by Italian composer Luca Vanneschi, titled Alone. These works add to fantastic pieces by Elena Kats-Chernin, Nick Tsiavos, Brigid Burke, Mitchell Mollison, Paula Matthusen, Tim Hansen, Robert Davidson, and Ian Blake. It's all part of my international call for scores project, which will culminate in the release of a CD. Find out more about my call for scores here.



the POLYOPERA video operas are up!

Check out our experimental video operas produced in partnership with Opera Australia using crowd sourced creative contributions including a hip hop mash up of Don Giovanni, in which a very angry Rima aka Soulbeats takes on OA baritone Tom Hamilton with Morganics and DJ JayTee. We also have videos of our reimaginings of Lakme and La Boheme. To find out more about the project click here.